05 October 2010

Zac Sells Out

Perhaps naively, a few years ago I promised I would never run AdSense on this blog.

Well I haven't quite broken that promise, but perhaps I've come close.

I was recently approached by someone to include a link to their website in an old post of mine. The link was fairly relevant to the post and I bet you couldn't find it if you tried.

They said they would give me $100 to do it. So I accepted.

Am I a sellout or what?


  1. Unsubscribe! :) Probably best not to publicise these things too much though dude. It's unlikely you'd ever get caught, but you could get Google-slapped for selling links (it's against Google's terms).

  2. No shit? In that case the above it completely fictional Google man.

  3. Can you link to my website..

    with the anchor text Buy Viagra Now

    I give you lots of monies


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