14 December 2010

Worst Movies Ever

I've come to hate my DVD collection.

It was once something I was proud of; a collection of great movies that had grown considerably over the years. In fact movies were the only form of content I was willing to pay for, unlike the music and television shows I downloaded for free.

But I've realised it's become an expensive waste of physical space, for many reasons.

Not only is the DVD case poorly designed and unnecessarily large, it's quickly being replaced by Blu-Ray. And were I to update my collection to Blu-Ray, I'm certain even that would become obsolete within a few years. And while your standard definition DVD's (which by the way I think are fine quality wise) seem to be on the way out, retailers have no problems stinging you $40+ for a new release.

And if I were to try and sell my collection today, I reckon I'd be lucky to get $5 for each one.

Unfortunately I can't see myself paying for digital downloads, which means over time I'm going to steal the content to replace my current collection. I figure if I've paid for it once, I don't need to again, right?

Now I only need to work out a way to download special features. And find someone willing to pay more than a gold coin for my collection.

Anyone else have the same frustration? How many people have as stack of CDs collecting dust?
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