05 January 2011

The Popularity Paradox

I'm going to call it the popularity paradox, where something becomes too popular and peeps turn away from the lack of individualism. It's in every aspect of our lives from avoiding mass fashion and art to paying out on mainstream music to not buying an iPhone even though you secretly want one but everyone else has one therefore you can't.

Here's some interesting examples from Facebook...
1) As parents jump on Facebook, their children turn away.
2) Bigger fan pages tend to have lower levels of engagement because when something already has 3,000 comments I'm less likely to add my own.
3) Exclusive access for college students was arguably the key to Facebook's initial success.
So how do you stop something becoming too popular? By the time it happens, does it even matter? And how can brands use social media to minimalise mainstreamism?

I really don't know, but I haven't posted in a while and that's what was on my mind today.
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