01 February 2011

It Begins

Yesterday I arrived home from a trip around the world in 21 days. For the final unit of my degree, we traveled to Hong Kong, London, Milan, Madrid, Paris, New York & Los Angeles. Over the three weeks we visited brands and agencies such as Google, Ogilvy & Mather, DDB, L'Oreal, Citroen, Arsenal and Zara. Good times.

And tomorrow I start my full time career at George Patts.

I think I just hit a new stage in the life cycle.


  1. bravo. the george patts building is THE hot spot right now. can't wait to see all the new kids kick off.

  2. Welcome to being a grown up :) well, during the week anyway!

  3. What uni did you go to to get to do that!? That's an awesome unit.....albeit expensive...


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