31 May 2011

Being iPhoneless For 31 Days

For the whole of May, I decided to go without my iPhone. Effectively, I went without my iPod, camera, email, calender, Angry Birds, Google Maps and Facebook.

It was interesting to say the least. Here's my takeout;
  • Over the course of the month, only once did I wish I had responded to an email faster. Everything else could wait until I got home or got to work.
  • Only a few apps were truly missed; Tram Tracker and Shazam being up there. Everything else is really good at eating up your time and making you very unproductive (mostly games).
  • Instead of listening to music and podcasts on the tram each day, I read three books over the course of the month. Unfortunately this meant I could also hear the amount of rubbish people talk about in public.
  • I stopped checking my phone every five minutes. However, having been involved in a 'news scandal' during the month, it would have been nice to be connected to watch it play out.
  • I could drop my burner on the ground and it didn't even matter. That was kind of nice.
  • And last but not least, I only had to charge my burner three times during the course of the month, and didn't once worry about running out of battery.
Good fun, I'm going to try and read one book a month on the tram and it's fair to say I've become less dependent on my iPhone. If you're interested in taking part, I have a free phone you can use, all it will cost you is a beer.

18 May 2011

Water Wonderwall

A few months ago a water feature was installed on the corner of Swanston Street and Collins Street in Melbourne. For a while, the large stone wall with water cascading down one side remained untouched. But then slowly people walking passed realised that the leaves from the trees surrounding the feature could be stuck to the wall. Quickly, messages and pictures started appearing. A walk passed this wall each lunch time would have a new piece of art every day.

As I've said before, people like to think they're creative. Yet not enough brands create things for people to interact with. This water feature is the perfect example, and it wasn't even intended to be.

I wonder what a digital/mobile version of this would look like.
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