14 June 2011

How Much Is An Invite Worth?

So how much is an invite to a Facebook page worth? I'm sure there's various conflicting studies out there, so I thought I'd do some research of my own.

I asked people how much they would charge a brand to invite all their friends to the said brand's Facebook page. Some said flat out they wouldn't do it, others said they would do it for free and quite a few people said it would depend on the brand.

With a sample size of 15 of my Facebook friends, here are the results.

So there you have it, conclusive research suggests on average, an invite to a brand's Facebook page is worth 13 cents per friend.

If you're taking this seriously (you shouldn't be), this figure is of course from the point of the consumer, not the brand. But what this does mean is that if a brand can offer something worth more than 13 cents for each of their friends, it will be worth an invite.

Also, some of my friends are sellouts.

05 June 2011

Commenting Anonymously

Sean Cummins wrote a pretty serious piece regarding anonymous comments on the internet.

Here at Pigs Don't Fly I'm a fan of the anonymous commenter. I mean, I've received everything from abuse to death threats, and just last week in a very witty comment I was called a "homo". Yet I still allow anonymous commenting.

I do it because complete anonymity is a rare thing and it's one of the interesting unique features of the interwebs. Of course this has it's problems, but let's not forget the anonymous produce some of the most creative stuff on the internet (and not to mention LOLcats). They also do some pretty impressive stuff offline.

Sure, some anonymous comments are shit. But you have to take them for what they are. By allowing people to comment anonymously, they're more likely to do so and more likely to express an honest point of view. Sometimes this comes at the cost of your ego or confidence, but they're certainly not going anywhere.

(In before anyone, yes I'm expecting a lot of "homo" comments on this post.)
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