15 August 2011

Always Be Building

My post Move Fast and Break Things got a fairly good response so I decided to present it to some undergraduates last week. After the presentation I was talking to some students about Angry Birds Blog, the example I used of something they could build.

And then I let them in on a secret. Angry Birds Blog wasn't the first thing I built. Nor will it be the last.

Some of you may remember an online business I tried to get off the ground that failed miserably. None of you know about a number of other websites I have that get less than 100 hits a month. And as we speak I have another project in the works for people who like beer.

It doesn't matter if you build something and it doesn't work. It doesn't have to be a success for you to learn from it. And if it's so bad that you need to pull the plug, then do so and go and build something else.

That's the thing about the internet; you can always be building.

03 August 2011

How to Combine or Merge Facebook Pages

About a year ago, I wrote how it was possible to merge unofficial Facebook pages if you had a big enough media buy.

However a recent change now means that anyone can apply to have fans migrated from an unofficial page over to an official one, even without a contact as Facebook. Although they don't promote it much, the steps are quite simple and are as follows:
  1. You will need to 'authenticate' your official page by submitting it for review here (it doesn't look legit but it is!). This may take up to a few business days to complete.
  2. Once authenticated, you can request that the fans from unofficial pages be migrated across to the official one here. Again, this may take a few days.
This is not normally the type of content I post here, but I figure it's a great piece of knowledge to have and is usually an easy way to get some fan growth. And at the same time you're reducing the potential risk of your brand in someone else's hands.

If it works for you, be sure to buy me a beer sometime.
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