17 April 2012

Build It And They Will Come

Last night I gave a group of Monash students a tour of our office. Funnily enough, exactly three years ago I was the student walking through George Patts hoping to one day get a job there.

It reminded me of how after my tour as a student I bumped into Russel Howcroft shortly after and he told us during a presentation that sometimes marketers needed to "build things and they (the consumers) will come".

I didn't quite understand it at the time. But today I can't help but think it's a completely underrated and underused digital strategy. This idea of building something rad that's relevant to your target audience and then using them to spread your idea.

You don't need to stress about amplification strategies/sharing user journeys/going viral/influencer seeding and all that other nonsense. Instead you be awesome and the rest comes naturally.

Intel did it here, and Coke are trying it out with things like this.

And of course, it makes an amazing brief for the ad agency.


  1. This is the way to get true innovation - also the highest risk of failure. Exciting stuff.

  2. Awesome - you are getting your marketing strategy from a crappy Kevin Costner movie. Pretty much sums you up.

  3. Nothing wrong with Waterworld!

  4. That is perhaps the only thing we will ever agree on

  5. Nice article, thanks for the information.

  6. it is like a building your reputation and brand..


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