07 October 2012

Email; The Red Headed Child of Content Distribution

We regularly talk about the distribution of content through YouTube, blogs, social networks and other digital bits and pieces. But I think we often overlook a hugely under appreciated platform; email.

Take this example sent around a few days before the Brownlow.

Philip Brown, a Quantitative Strategist at Commonwealth Bank, put together a report with a model and analysis on who he believed would win the Brownlow Medal using a few seasons worth of data (which you can download it here if you're interested). He emailed it to a few of his colleagues where it was quickly forwarded on around the industry and then on to broader audiences (where I received it).

It's well targeted, interesting and shows how smart the brand is with data. And it doesn't even matter that I dropped $100 on it and lost my money because the predictions were wrong.

And if you're even remotely interested in footy, you probably received the  'Red Carpet Analysis' PowerPoint the day after the Brownlow from a friend. Another piece of content distributed very successfully via email.

Email has this crazy potential for amplification (and sometimes longevity) being forwarded again and again and again. As a platform it's ubiquitous, not going anywhere and cheap to leverage. And personally, I think it's way underused by brands for distributing content.
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