26 September 2012

Will The Real Digital Strategists Please Stand Up?

Clients are increasingly getting better at digital. It's taken some time, but we're now at a point where most clients understand digital's potential role, importance and place. And this is only going to get stronger (particularly as younger marketers step into decision-making roles).

As a result, many brands now have the basic digital hygiene factors covered. They're in social media, creating content, leveraging video, thinking about SEO and search, using analytics and are across mobile.

And I think a lot of people who call themselves "Digital Strategists" are going to start sweating when they get asked what to do next. What happens after a brand ticks off the digital basics?

Because once they play the "Let's use Pinterest" card, I think they're going to start running out of answers.

Dare I say it's time for Digital Strategist 2.0s.
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