01 June 2013

Why I Want To Work In The Porn Industry

I was chatting to someone the other day about my job and they asked me who would be my ideal client. Which brand or account would I be most interested in working on?

And after some thought, I decided it would be a porn website.

There's two reasons.

Firstly, porn is, and always has been, a leader of the marketing industry in technology. Their first-to-market innovation is so significant it's often adopted as standard practice.

  • They decided to distribute content through VHS over Betamax, a standard quickly adopted by the rest of the market. 
  • Later they would choose Blu-Ray over HD-DVD, again adopted as standard. 
  • They had mobile optimised websites when we were using WAP to connect to the Internet on our cool flip phones. 
  • They were live streaming video content with interactive forums long before Google Hangouts.

Secondly, a popular website would have crazy amounts of data to use to drive strategy and optimisation. Imagine spending just a day exploring their website analytics.

  • What keywords drive the most traffic? 
  • What categories of content are most popular? 
  • How long does the average person watch a video for? 
  • What's the value of niche (long tail) content (fetish categories perhaps)? 
  • How important is SEO (remembering they can't use any SEM)? 
  • What are the click-through rates like on banners (both their own ads and those they serve on their sites)? 
  • What portion of users convert to monetised models and how it is optimised?

It's an innovative industry with rich data to make decisions with. Could be fun.

Either that or a bank. And that would probably be less gross.
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