23 February 2014

Better Late Than Never

I have this weird aversion to technology where if I'm late to the party, I'm very hesitant to attend at all.

For example I really missed the boat on Instagram. For a long time I considered signing up, but the fact that I had committed to not doing so meant I held out on not doing so for even longer.

The barrier, for some strange reason, was that signing up to Instagram meant I'd be starting fresh. Despite having hundreds of photos already on my phone I'd want to share from the past few years, there was no way to 'back date' the awesome graffiti I saw in Mexico or the first tomato that grew in our garden.

I have a similar problem with Untappd, an app that allows you to record and discover craft beer. Over the years I've had beers that were limited edition never to be made again, and a few that were so bad I wouldn't be again. Perhaps I'm thinking about this too much, but it's a barrier for me when there's no way for me to go back in time and record those beers.

I'm wondering if I'm not alone. And how technologist should think about those customers who arrive well after the tipping point. For those who missed the boat, how can you make it not only easy for them to board, but to appear as though they've been on board the whole time?

Interestingly I eventually jumped onto Instagram (about two years too late) and am loving it. I've discovered a new means of sharing photos more frequently than what you'd post on Facebook and really enjoying seeing those of my friends.

So I should probably set up that Untappd account too.
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