29 May 2008

+ If Only


  1. What happens when you tick the box?

  2. The box doesn't exist.

    Very rarely can you "make something go viral". Of course there are exceptions (Ray-Ban and Levi) but a viral usually comes naturally instead of being forced upon the community by "ticking a box".

  3. Surely there's a "silver bullet" equivalent of that box - it doesn't happen by chance. Guys backflipping into jeans was obviously a carefully planned viral - they had that "box" ticked from the minute they clicked the "Upload" button!

    So here's your challenge, Zac - create something - ANYTHING - that gets, hmmmmm, let me see, I was going to say [cue Dr Evil voice] "1 million" hits, but let's start at 1% of that for your first attempt. Five figures within a week - 10,000 hits!

  4. I will take up the challenge as well. I should be pretty chump competition if my last bet is anything to go by!


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