01 June 2008

+ More Free Ideas

Following on from a previous post, I recently purchased four items from Safeway. The receipt was 34cm long. For four items. 34cm long.

Seth Godin has a good post here showing two companies who could be perceived as being just as wasteful. Or entirely luxurious. Either way, I will never see Safeway as luxurious and such a long receipt only says to me they are not as green as they could be.

Again I recommend you head over to Idea A Day and check out Idea #2842 for another submitted by yours truly.


  1. 4 items... Let me guess... Aspirin, Panadol, Red Bull and Berocca?

  2. I've been reading few a selection of your posts in recent times and this one caught my eye, and clearly the supermarket chains as well! Nice idea.


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