08 October 2008

+ Only The Good Stuff

Take a look at this video...

I wouldn't say this is a perfect social media campaign, but it's definitely a step in the right direction. No banner ads and no spam.

Instead they've developed something for free and provided value to a community.

The biggest problem is the microsite. It's not up yet... fools.


  1. Thanks for pointing this out Zac.

    I'm a bit hrm about it - clever but not convinced.

    1. not sure really what this would do to doritos sales ... which ultimately the bean counters would be looking at within this FMCG category from my experience. sure, it makes for a good sizzle reel but sizzle reels don't answer business objectives.

    2. like it or not ads are a necessary evil of getting free contents in current times. i don't really see what doritos are doing here aside blocking ads that other advertisers are paying for and potentially harming publishers - the publishers which draw the eyeballs to the web. I think they could have dug a little deeper and created something more useful than an ad blocker. And what would happen if it blocked fellow parent company Pepsi-Co's other brands online advertising ...

    I agree - there has to be better executions in a digital sense than banner ... but i'm not sure this is any better than a straight banner either.

  2. Some great points Ben. I think you've actually made me realise the execution isn't quite as good as I thought, and certainly lacking brand integration.

    However, I think the concept behind it and the fact they're looking to provide value is a good one rather than interruption is a good one.

  3. Good idea, although not sure how successful it will be when there's already so many non-commercial adblockers around already - my guess is not very.

  4. absolutely agree their sentiment of trying to provide value not interruption is definitely positive ... just need to massage it a little to evolve the thinking.


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