16 November 2008

RIP Pigs Don't Fly

My new favourite kid on the block is Daniel Oyster (sorry Adam!). Not only is he a ridiculously cool dude but he's had a couple of killer first posts.

In his latest post, he asks bloggers to write their own eulogy. So here goes...

In the true style of Pigs Don't Fly, I will keep this short and to the point.

Pigs Don't Fly was the start of Zac Martin's career. Through it, he built up his networks and knowledge which eventually lead him to where he is today. Right up until Pigs Don't Fly's death, Zac continued to blog for many, many years, long after he landed his first job.

Over the first few years it slowly built up to become one of the most meaningful, not necessarily popular, marketing blogs in Australia. Zac's writings, thoughts and contributions to marketing were well respected around the globe and provided some thought provoking content that was discussed by many.

Zac aimed to blog every day like it was his last, often heard quoting, "If I died tomorrow, I would want my final post to be remarkable".

If Zac had one thing that he wanted remembered from his now passed blog, it would be that pigs don't fly.



  1. Aaah thanks for the shout out Zac and great eulogy. Keep blogging like it is your last day. I haven’t seen any pigs fly but I will keep looking!

  2. How fickle! Daniel enjoy your time in the son - it doesn't last long. Zac I agree his posts are very interesting. However, I dont think you should aim to make every post brilliant. Go for 60 percent ok, 30 percent excellent, and 10 percent - pure brilliance. Through the powers of variable positive reinforcement - they'll keep coming back as they'll never know when they'll strike gold next.

  3. @ Adam

    I was struggling to see how a marketing to use Variable Positive Reinforcement, but that example is perfect. And I think you're right.

  4. @ Adam - mmmm not sure I agree with that thought. Would you go to a restaurant that employed the same approach to their food and service?

  5. @ Daniel

    Interesting, I think it can be and it can't be, depends on how good your 60% is.

    Although, I think with my blogging if I try to aim for pure brilliance, I'll only hit it 10% of the time or even less! I suppose though, I do try to throw in the random post from time to time.


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