10 December 2008

+ School Of Wags

I am a student from the School of Peter Wagstaff.

I started my business degree thinking I would head towards a career management. Yet in my first semester I took Marketing Theory and Practise, a unit headed up by Peter Wagstaff. Upon completing it, I had a new career path.

But his influence doesn't stop there. It was by listening to his podcast, Marketing Today that I first discovered social media through Julian Cole. He also writes a blog, RenewEd, which focuses on the future of education and how teaching has and should be changing for Gen Y students.

He is undoubtedly the best lecturer I have had in my two year stint at Monash. He is also the most passionate. I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without him. Not only has Wags been an incredible mentor, it's hasn't been uncommon for myself to drop by his office regularly unannounced for a chat.

Along side other students from the School of Peter Wagstaff, Julian Cole, Josh Strawczynski, Rick Clarke and Simon Oboler, I would like to say thank you Wags.

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  1. I knew something was up today when I started getting "spammed" by my Google Alert! Many thanks for the kind comments, but surely you guys have got something better to do with your time?

    Quite seriously, I love the energy you guys inject into everything you do... you're spending your summer holiday blogging about Marketing, that's a serious commitment to learning, and proof that education can be fun. Keep up the good work!


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