17 January 2009

+ Social Media Marketing Madness

This comic appears to be doing the rounds at the moment.

1 point for every person you recognise.


  1. That Cole cliche is a classic!

    As for the old bloke claiming to be a marketer. You must be mistaking him for his wife!

  2. hahaha Awesome Zac. what program do you use?

  3. @BrandDNA

    Do I win a prize? :-D

  4. You forgot the halo over Stan's head ;)

  5. haha nice mashup, i saw the early one, and I like where you've taken it :)

    by the way, silkcharm is no more :( long live laurelpapworth.com >>>> points to blogroll.

    Anyway, there is one more: I have a workshop on facebook groups that podcast about twitterers that write marketing blogs :)

  6. This shows the importance of having good photos of yourself online :)

  7. nice one zac. you forgot to add your pic as the person that draws comics about the people who are marketers, blog about marketing, podcasters, twitters, facebookers, etc, etc etc. and then you need to have a flickr group of the coffee mornings that these people attend to chat about all of the above. :D

  8. @ MrTruffle

    Actually, I was surprised how many of these guys had no privacy settings on Facebook!

  9. Nice one Zac!
    Thanks for the heads up on those privacy settings too....

  10. who hates marketers on the Internet.
    I know I do, "oh I'm a marketer" what crap, and so useless (/rant)

  11. I use Facebook for business only, so don't set privacy except on a couple of items. (fB lets you set privacy on an item by item basis too).

    who hates Anonymous on the Internet,
    I know I do "i'm so brave with no name" what crap and so useless and unable to debate (/rant)

  12. haha, thats great! but you forgot about the company who markets to bloggers blogging about marketing

  13. Gold mate, nice work. It is just so true, and funnily enough, it's these conversations that slow the development of 'real' conversations about stuff.


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