30 January 2009

+ Washing In Green

Dean Street is not far from my place. Recently erected was this street sign.

Is this not the wankiest load of green washing you've ever seen?


  1. It doesn't offend me.

    Is it remarkable?

    What part of this do you find so wanky?

  2. @ Julian

    I've since seen a second sign on a different street. So I imagine this is the local Council or one person, but certainly not the whole street getting involved. Pretending to give a shit about the environment just doesn't cut it. And it's tacky.

  3. Speaking of greenwashing, my local dry cleaner is in on the gig... see this ad displayed in their front window at the moment... what a wank!
    Photo here.

  4. I don't know if I would really call this green washing. I see green washing as companies jumping on the green bandwagon with their 'me too' cries, when really their green campaigns are just for show and don't really make an impact.

    To me, this sign is kind of cute. I don't really get the point of it, but it doesn't seem to be screaming about a company's green efforts.

  5. We dig metals out of the ground, transport them in massive trucks across the country and process them into aluminum sheeting so we can make street signs about sustainability. Why didn't I think to start THAT business..

  6. do you know for a fact they don't give a shit about the environment or is this a generalisation?

  7. @ Ben

    Every single person who lives on this street (at least 100 people) has made a conscious effort to change their daily habits? Bullshit.

  8. it's for real? there you go..i would have just assumed it was an art intervention...


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