26 March 2009

ABC's Chosen Adventure

I just watched ABC's Lawrence Leung's Choose Your Own Adventure. Seriously funny shit. My perfect genre of comedy. Instant favourite.

Side note before I start, how fucking awesome are the ABC? Not only are they producing the best television content in Australia but they're doing a killer job in the transition from old to new media. Podcasting, online content, iView. Awesome. They continue to lead the way, in fact my second ever post 18 months ago said something similar.

Anywho, in the show, Lawrence was looking at some techniques for picking up girls. One guy suggested the use of phonetic ambiguity, which is when you say something that can be interpreted as something else but more subtly.

The example they used was the term "below me", which can sound like "blow me". So when you say to a girl about something being below you, she's apparently meant to drop to her knees.

I'm struggling to see this actually work but more interestingly has it been done in marketing before?

Or can you think of your own to use in a TVC or radio spot?


  1. can't stop laughing about rudd's 'new direction'

  2. So what creepy date guy was talking about sounds a lot like some of the tackier forms of NeuroLinguistic Programming: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming

    I'm a little sceptical of NLP but it's loved by dodgy sales guys everywhere - and if Mad Men gets as far as the 70s it may crop up then.

    Lawrence is very sweet but it could all be an act - i.e. in real life he's Warwick Capper.

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  4. Hey Zac,

    I went to a Television 2.0 seminar at AFTRS last weds and a couple of people from Innovation and Multiplatform production team.

    Very impressive.

    The difference with the ABC is that they have made distinct changes to their structure to ensure that digital AND their audience are at the heart of everything they do.

    They are streets ahead of the commercial networks

  5. ABC rocks, Triple J leads the way in content and channels. Its great to see what can be done with media when the mandate is to communicate to the Australian people, unfortunately the directors of the commercial channels have an obligation to shareholders which keeps them transfixed on generating short term revenue.

    I definitely think ABC reflects society more than the commercials, I cant stand all the ‘made in the USA’ crap they buy to fill up prime time. A great initiative the ABC ran lately was the ‘Have your say’ campaign where they let people submit their ideas on what the ABC should be. http://www.bellamyhayden.com.au/blog/?p=240

    Here’s John Doyle’s delivery of the 2005 Andrew Olle media lecture- bloody cracker of a speech, toward the end there are some great recommendations put forward to increase funding of Aunty.
    Enjoy! http://www.abc.net.au/local/stories/2005/10/07/1476723.htm

  6. She loves a Cockatoo ad with that model chick for Cockatoo Ridge maybe?


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