18 March 2009

iChange For iPhone

I always assumed my Melway (directory of Melbourne's streets that sits under every car seat in Victoria) would be replaced by a GPS system. Turns out it was my iPhone.

I've now had my iPhone for three months and I can't believe how much it has changed my daily behaviour.

It's changed my life and made me a better person.

Maybe I should look at getting a Mac.


  1. So true mate. I've had mine for 5 days and have become more efficient. i just love it.

    Farrel from Naked Sydney

  2. Go for it mate. YOu'll love it.

  3. the man speaks the truth!

    get a mac :)

  4. Care to elaborate on the "better person" comment?

  5. @ Anonymous

    Just a joke, in fact if anything it's probably made me more arrogant. =P

  6. Well worth taking the plunge. I have had my iPhone for about 4 months now and totally change my usage habits. Get my RSS feeds out of the way in the morning on public transport.

    I took the plunge and got a MacBook. Best move I ever made. Takes a little bit of patience at first, but highly recommended.

  7. Hey Zac,

    I shot a link over to this from my blog post. I ave this little test running.

    Read on... http://www.willegan.com/2009/03/22/i-really-want-an-iphone/


  8. "Maybe I should look at getting a Mac."

    No shit, Zac!


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