19 June 2009

Another Umbrella

A few weeks ago Mumbrella launched their first sister site, Thumbrella. And in what can only be described as extreme procrastination during an exam period, I give you their next launch...

What started as an innocent conversation between myself and Kate Kendall about possible brand extensions, it saw me get home and created this. It quickly turned into a little experiment (and time killer) where I sneakily seeded it on a few blogs under the name of Fake Tim Burrowes. The goal was to determine how long it would take to surface, how much buzz I could create and how long until it appeared on Mumbrella.

Just hours after seeding, a comment appeared on Twitter from one blogger. At this stage just two of the dozen blogs it was seeded on had said something outside of their blog with a couple of others responding with comments. Less than 24 hours after the first seed, Tim posted about it.

It was merely intended as some fun. I don't think it was deceptive or non transparent. Now I must go study (rote learn) for my exam in two hours.


  1. brilliant! although disappointed it not a real site...

  2. I was so surprised by Zac's intimate knowledge of what an adult entertainment site would look like.

    Especially 'Pirates 3' becuase it looks well... weird.

    Now all we've got to come up with an extension for Pigs Don't Fly. :-P

  3. Hilarious!

    How about GlUmBRELLA - a site for ugly people seen about town?

  4. You're a bad bad boy and must be punished.

    BTW was it ME that broke the news on Twitter? Do I win anything? :P
    Laurel @SilkCharm

  5. @Laurel. That's because you're just too quick. ;-)

    Zac, does she win a handy cam and a date with 'Dr Cumbo'?

  6. Actually there's some really interesting studies around about the disintermediation of pimps - sex workers are setting up websites, using mobile phones etc and not using escort agencies etc.
    Peer to peer social media pr0n (exchanging photos and home made videos) and peer to peer social economies (bored housewives doin' for themselves :P) has to be hurting the adult sex industry incumbents, no?

  7. Haha nice work. Any excuse for a bit of 'research' hey Zac.

  8. On second thoughts, maybe you could send the link to Mr.Ferrier to help him with his problem - will be a lot cheaper (and credible).

  9. I've spent the last two days moving house,and blissfully been pretty much entirely offline. You'd be surprised how many texts and phone calls I had asking what Fake Tim Burrowes was like.

    Now get back to your studies...


    Tim - Mumbrella

  10. You got a laugh out of me, Zac. Nice one!


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