26 July 2009

Mistaking The Youth

Being young and being a Gen Y (or an iGen for that matter) are not the same thing. The two are correlated, not dependant. Don't confuse a mistake of youth as a Gen Y characteristic.

Every generation makes mistakes when they're young. Don't stereotype on something that applies to everyone. Even you.


  1. Youth "is in the eye of the beholder"

    I think there is a post surrounding this point being the difference between demographic and psychographic segmentation, & the usefulness of the latter.

  2. @ Marek

    And the complete lack of usefulness of the former. ;]

  3. Well said! It happens all too often these days and is really quite annoying.

  4. I agree - us Gen Yers are often mistaken for old people!

  5. Get off the internet...get off your arses...and get to work.

  6. Get over the generation divide. Seriously dudes. Can we stop the buck here - or thereabouts? It's another 'divide' in society that has become increasingly, annoyingly, injected into everyday-speak.

    I am a gen nothing - i refuse to be labelled when Half of one generation are geriatrics and the other half of the other are over-confident, do-gooding little freaks. We are entities, existing in a time - space continuum, born in our each respective year. Damn marketers! :p What has happened to music, will happen to us...

    Punk rock ska core emo pop thrash thrash core skate core ska core soft rock rock pop pop rock screamo..... what a joke.

    What happens after Gen Z? Does it reset to A? That's not fair.


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