05 May 2010

All On Red

I've seen some posts lately questioning a marketer's purpose in using Chatroulette. People criticise the lack of long term strategic thinking when it comes to social media, particularly the relevance of a short term campaign.

But if you're building a community or a following or a tribe or a cult, you need small campaignable ideas to keep them ignited. Or even reward them. Or keep your brand top of mind... you know... so they buy the shit you're trying to sell.

And Chatroulette could be the perfect platform for your brand to produce a shit load of great content to feed these loyal peeps. And on the cheap too.

Dr Pepper did it well...

So some more advice I said I didn't want to give on this blog; don't overlook the small short term campaignable ideas.

You'll just have to ignore the obligatory masturbators.


  1. Do they still even sell that in this fine antipodean country?


  2. I wish. But you can still get it in boutique candy stores.

  3. I'm with you on this one mate. In our case, we've had a play and saw it as a nice little piece of content to entertain fans. All a bit of fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq6QxqaJPCo

  4. I have a feeling this is more successful in capturing the imagination of marketing commentators than it is in capturing the target market for the drink.. I dunno.

  5. I was pretty vocal against using Chat Roulette as a marketing platform. Full post on my blog. My core reason was that it is a random platform, so you can't target your audeince. Unless you're targeting masturbators, it's a shotgun approach.

    Tend to agree with Nudge's comment above. These types of campaigns often get marketers talking more than customers.

  6. Fair point to the both of you, I still think it's a tool for creating content, not engaging with random consumers there and then. The interactions themselves mean nothing, but the people who view it later are everything.

  7. Is that the first video you've ever put on your site?

    Glad to see you've finally found the Tubes!

  8. I sit on Chatroulette every night waiting for the mighty Neekatron to appear.

    Nothing...So far. ;-)


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