09 July 2010

More With Money

Regrettably, once again this blog turns into some kind of sharing of advice or knowledge that I've acquired recently from my life in the adland.

Chokito is a chocolate bar. Naturally I despise it because Cadbury Boost is a client of mine.

But if you were to jump into the DeLorean, travel back in time a week and look at their Facebook page, you would notice the name of the page was Chokito says No No No. However if you take a look now, it is simply Chokito.

This is interesting because changing the name of a page is not something Facebook do.

Unless of course, which is what I'm slowing learning, you're spending money. By investing in a shit load of media on Facebook, you can get away with much more.

So use it to your advantage.


  1. However, Spending a lot of money also means you are in the spotlight and cannot get away with the activity that brands who fly under the radar can.....aka running illegal competitions.

    Also I find it weird that you hate your clients competitor brands, I would of thought it would of been the advertising agencies that are working for them? As they are the ones coming up with better ideas?

  2. I hate them because when someone buys a Chokito, Boost loses money and market share.

    And I definitely wouldn't say they've got a better idea either. ;]

  3. You don't understand sales. Don't assume everything cannibalises.

  4. I'm not assuming everything cannibalises, but when someone buys a Nestle or a Mars product and not Cadbury, how is that good for my client?

  5. What you noted was textbook cannibilisation.

    Now you're saying lost sales is bad? O rly?

  6. Don't hate competitor brands. Follow the wisdom of Sun Tzu who said, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

    This way you can learn from those brands and apply your learning to the brands you work on.


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